GRIMM “BeeWare” Review

GRIMM "BeeWare" Episode 3 – Last week it was bears and now this week GRIMM has moved onto bees. What’s up with all of the creature animals? Nick and Hank are investigating the murder of a woman on a crowded bus which leads Nick to discover that it wasn’t anything natural that caused her death – it was something from his aunt’s books.

The poor woman died from the venom in a bee sting but as the medical examiner says, the amount ofvenom that is in the body would have had to come from a bee the size of a grown man. This doesn’t bode well for Nick and Hank, especially when yet another body turns up dead in the same manner as the first. Both in public places and both in the middle of a flash mob. The detectives put out a call to have all flash mob participants come forward to answer questions, and one guy in particular stands out.

After changing his story a few times and refusing to show Nick the tweet that alerted him to the flash mob in the first place, Nick decides to trail the suspect with Hank in tow. They end up in an abandoned paper company where they witness suspect number one meeting with a mystery woman. After this, they are promptly attacked by a swarm of killer bees, and Nick is left on his own to investigate while Hank recovers from his stings. Read More...


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