MERLIN “The Secret Sharer” Review

MERLN "The Secret Sharer" Season 4 Episode 7 – When I think of a kids television show rarely does the image of an old man lying on a table getting tortured spring to mind. But that was the centrepiece of this week’s episode as Morgana orchestrates Gaius’ kidnapping and then has her supposed ally Alator torture him for information which will lead to Emerys.

There is something about watching a kids show or an old movie where I’m always surprised by how far they’ll go in terms of tackling mature themes – I forget that Avatar: The Last Airbender featured an episode wholly dedicated to genocide. Likewise with Merlin, the writers pull off a bunch of subtext which can be enjoyed by us old fogies – Merlin cramming a muffin into Arthur’s mouth, anyone? – and yet still have enough suspense and action and whatnot in it for the kids.

I mean, the fact that Gaius succumbed under torture was daring and something I was not expecting the show to do. There’s probably no one in the world Gaius loves more than Merlin, and yet the fact that he was in so much pain that he’d divulge the secret – it was a seriously dark place for the show to go, very Orwellian which is not something you see in many kids shows. Read More...


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Nov 15, 2011 11:57AM EST

In reading the above review, the writer continues to refer to Merlin as "a kids show"
I have never thought of it as a kid show. I do think it is family friendly - as far as no foul language or sex scenes, but violence - yes, it does have it's share of violence. I wouldn't watch Merlin with my little kids, but I let my teenagers watch it - they love it, but still..... Merlin should not be considered a "kid show"

I love the direction season 4 is taking. I thought the scenes of Merlin pouring over Giaus' personal effects, were very moving. Merlin was grieving and worried for his father figure and dear friend. The fact that Giaus did succumb to Alator's torture, was also moving. Gias didn't just give Emyrus a name, but he told his true purpose. That in itself is where the epi was going with the torture scene. This was made more clear by Alator's reaction to Emyrus & Morgana.

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