ONCE UPON A TIME “The Price of Gold” Review

ONCE UPON A TIME "The Price of Gold" Season 1 Episode 4 – Of the fairytale princesses in Disney’s repertoire, perhaps none were as desperate as poor Cinderella. But rather than the innocent magic of her fairy godmother in "The Price of Gold," this week’s Once Upon a Time, we discover that it was Rumplestiltskin who was responsible for her glass slippers, and he expected far more of Cinderella than just her adherence to a midnight curfew.

Can anyone really blame Ella for making a deal with the devil of the fairytale world? Her life sucked; all she had to do was promise one small favor and she got a prince, a palace and friends like Snow White and James. She never imagined that the price for her new life would be her first born child. By the way, these princes sure are a virile lot; it’s interesting to see how children are such a big part of this idea of happily-ever-after. Read More...



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