Aquarion Complete Series Review

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Originally known as Sousei no Aquarion, Aquarion is a twenty-six episode show that's being released in two box sets containing thirteen episodes each. Created by Shoji Kawamori with Hiroshi Ohnogi working with him for the series composition, Aquarion is an original work that looks to take the classic love of giant robots and merge it with some strong mythology in order to create something that Kawamori says has been overlooked in the mecha genre. With the production done by Satelight, it's a series with a distinct look and feel that has a lot of strong influences of both Satelight and Kawamori.

The story takes place eleven years after an event known as the Great Catastrophe in which mankind suffered heavily and lost countless people. The event also signified the arrival of the Shadow Angels, beings from twelve thousand years prior who have their own mysterious goals and little love for the wingless humans who populate the world. In the years since, the Shadow Angels send out their strange little ships that harvest people by sucking them up into them and put them to use within their machines. They're also apparently able to control those who are brought into this process which provides an unsettling feeling. Cities are attacked in this way and suddenly turn into ghost towns outside of a few people who escape for different reasons.

One of the reasons some of the people seem to escape from it is due to an immunity they have as their past lives are connected to the Shadow Angels in some way. This is how we come to meet Apollo, a feral young man who lives by scavenging along with a few friends for food and necessities. When the Shadow Angels attack the city he's living in, his friends all get caught up in it but he's left free and unaffected. His immunity is what has also drawn people from a group known as Deava to find him as they believe he may be the Solar Wing, a reincarnation of someone from the past who is of great significance. Upon seeing Apollo however, there is very little belief that he could be that person.

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