FRINGE “And Those We’ve Left Behind Review” Review

FRINGE "And Those We’ve Left Behind" Review Season 4 Episode 6 - So far this season ofFRINGE has provided us with great stories and amazing performances. In this episode we get both with great performances by guest stars Stephen Root and Romy Rosemont and the continuing story of Peter’s reappearance. The Fringe team is working to track down the causes of time loops/slips that cause people to see or experience events from the past. The initial focus is on Peter as the cause of the loops because he is experiencing time loops himself (not to mention his mysterious appearance). Walter continues to have a strained relationship with Peter, but finds that Peter is not the cause. As more events occur, the team identifies a pattern to the time lapses and the neighborhood they may be starting from.

This is when we meet Raymond and Kate Reed (played by Root and Rosemont), a married couple where he’s an electrical engineer and she’s a theoretical physicist. Four years ago, Kate had been working on a set of equations to allow time travel, but soon developed Alzheimer’s and became a different person. Wishing to to be back with the woman he loved, Raymond designed a device that would allow time travel based on Kate’s equations. He uses it to revisit his wife in the past and have her continue to work on her time equations, saving the results in a notebook. Each one of the visits improves the equations, which let Raymond visit for more time, but also cause another time loop outside his house. Read More...


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