THE AMAZING RACE “Super Shady” Review

THE AMAZING RACE "Super Shady" Season 19 Episode 8 – The teams were all leaving Malawi at thebeginning of THE AMAZING RACE this week, and we actually got to some pretty huge developments right away. The episode lived up to it’s namesake, "Super Shady", pretty quickly as we see Laurence and Zac being very cagey with Ernie and Cindy concerning their flight arrangements. As if they weren’t already the least favorite team of everybody watching the race, this pretty much cemented their position. It turns out getting a flight through London wasn’t as good of an idea as they thought, as they ended up getting to the road block alongside everybody else.

I was also absolutely floored about Amani and Marcus. You can’t start off the leg by giving an impassioned speech about not messing around anymore and being the comeback kid, and then end up completely ignoring what the rest of the teams are doing and sleep in the airport when everybody else has already left! They’re lucky this didn’t knock them out completely, as it’s this kind of poor decision making that’s consistently put them at the bottom of the pack. Read More...


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