THE SIMPSONS “The Food Wife” Review

THE SIMPSONS "The Food Wife" Season 23 Episode 5 – It was great to have an episode of The Simpsons featuring Marge tonight, particularly after she spent last week’s episode in the shower.

Marge decides that she wants a shot at being the "fun" parent. Although completely understandable, if that means that Homer then becomes the serious parent, someone may want to alert the Springfield Hospital (paging Dr. Gupta and Dr. Hibbard!) as well as child services on alert. Marge has some pretty lofty expectations to meet as Homer’s previous fun day offerings – cemetery paintball, go-karts on real roads and a video game convention all seemed pretty fun.

Springfield seems to either neighbor or be comprised of an infinite number of neighborhoods. Tonight, we took a trip to Little Ethiopia where we witnessed Marge’s taste buds literally coming to life. As Sideshow Mel aptly observed, exciting things can happen when you eat from the non-translated side of the menu! We also learned that the meth epidemic has hit Springfield – the East side of Oak Street is quite dangerous! Read More...


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