Naruto Shippuden Season 4 Episode 122 Review: The Hunt

There are several battles on the horizon in the 122nd episode of Naruto Shippuden entitled The Hunt. Naruto and the ninja's from the hidden wind village have set up a central point and are searching a 5km distance for Uchiha Saske and/or Uchiha Itachi. Kakashi summoned many ninja dogs to assist them in the hunt. Saske's team has also split up, and have all went their own ways to collect information on Itachi.

Naruto, Kabuto and Hinata (and the fat ninja dog) form a team, and they begin searching a forest where a dark figure lurks. That dark figure is none other than Kabuto (why can't someone just kill the bastard?). He claims he just wants to talk with Naruto and presents him with a gift. He gives him a black book full of all the information Orochimaru's organization had obtained on the Akatsuki. He then pulls down his hood and exposes his face... wtf...he has orochimaru's eye and his left hand is full of scales.

Kabuto has integrated a part of Orochimaru's corpse into himself, and that small life force is attempting to take over Kabuto's body (and already has by 1/3 according to Hinata's byakugan). Naruto has heard enough of Kabuto's crazy talk and goes to capture him, however Kabuto escapes with some sort of space/time jutsu, claiming that he will be back to fight once he has mastered Orochimaru's power.

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