'Chuck': Brotherhood of the traveling pants


"Chuck" is trying to cover a lot of ground in the 13 episodes it has for its final season, and because the season is short a lot of people were wondering why the show would choose to begin the season with Morgan having the Intersect.I submit that "Chuck vs. the Frosted Tips" is why. It's easily the best of the first three episodes that have aired in Season 5, and it pays off the Morgan-Intersect story in a way that also makes the logic of the previous two hours easier to understand, while giving us a deeper exploration of Chuck and Morgan's relationship than we've had in some time.And we'll get to that in a minute. First, we have got to talk about the sexiest fight/foreplay scene on television in recent memory, between Casey and Gertrude Verbanski.We saw a little bit last week of the very un-Casey-like feelings Verbanski brings out in the colonel. The...



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