Fringe Review: The Perfect Day

"And Those We've Left Behind" is a nod to pretty much every viewer in an understanding that we all lose those we love at some point, whether through death, disease or erasure from our time line. Okay, that last remark is most likely not going to happen to us, but you get the idea. How we cope with our loss is what matters.

Olivia’s and Walter’s reaction to Peter

You, Peter, you’re the problem. Yes, it was only said in a dream, but there is no doubt that Olivia believes it. She not only feels absolutely nothing for Peter, but has no interest in knowing why he is so fixated on her. His appreciation of her has not gone unnoticed, but she merely wishes he finds his Olivia again. That hurt me; it had to hurt Peter.

Walter took the path I predicted and turned his back on Peter completely.He can’t look him in the eye and calls him "the object." The pain Peter feels at seeing Walter so crushed, so lost after he worked so hard with him in his own timeline to ensure Walter’s assimilation after taking him out of the mental institution, is portrayed excellently by Joshua Jackson. Read More...


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