Supernatural Review: Sam Got Married!?

Ring those church bells because Sam Winchester got hitched! And then he pulled a Kim Kardashian right after.

Supernatural poked fun at television series' apt desires to throw in a wedding with the perfectly titled, "Season 7, Time for a Wedding!" The idea of any form of nuptials on this show seems rather far fetched, especially with the circumstances the brothers constantly find themselves in. Lets face it, there is way too much danger and monster bloodshed to allow for any form of cutesy, doves flying, returning characters for the special occasion, finally it happened type of wedding. Sorry Becky. Sorry fans that wish they could tie the knot with Sam Winchester.

Dean's shocked and confused facial expressions were both humorous and exactly what I was thinking. Shouldn't she have asked for his permission or something? It was too soon, too fast, and with a girl who was a super fan practically borderlining on crazy. She did give him love potion after all. Read More...


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