Blue Bloods Review: "Lonely Hearts Club"

The "Lonely Hearts Club" sent Jackie into harms way as she hunted down a serial killer taking out pretty, brunette prostitutes.

Jackie's got a plan.  Since they've got no leads and she bears a striking resemblance to the victims, Jackie went undercover to lure out the killer. The surprising part was Danny's visceral reaction to stop her because if the roles were reversed you knew Danny would have had the same plan.

Even Linda called out her husband for being overprotective and pointed out that it seemed easier for him to watch his little brother go undercover than his female partner.  Was it simply a male reaction or a fear of losing his partner? Danny explained that he'd lost more than one partner. How and how many? Why was Danny's luck so bad? I hope they delve back into this at some point because I'm curious. Read More...


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