One Piece Season 10 Episode 378 Promise on a Day Long Ago - The Pirate's Song and a Tiny Whale Recap

Everyone is happy that their shadows are back, and Nami is really happy with the pile of treasure they find. The crew carries lots of food with them down to the courtyard. While everyone starts enjoying it two men say they saw what happened to Zoro after everyone else, including Sanji that second time from Zoro, was knocked out. Sanji drags them out and asks what happened. After being told about Zoro risking his life and taking in all of Luffy's pain from their voyage so far, he makes them swear not to tell anyone, especially Luffy since he would get sad at the thought that all the pain he took for his nakama was in one of them. Everyone starts partying and Luffy tries to feed Zoro, still knocked out from taking all of his pain, some rum but Chopper won't let him. Brook plays the piano and everyone starts partying. Luffy asks once again if Brook wants to join the crew seeing he got his shadow back. Brook declines again, saying that he made a promise to Laboon the whale. Luffy then tells Brook he doesn't need to worry and that Laboon's fine. Brook starts crying with happiness and has a flashback to when he first met Laboon.

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