Desperate Housewives 8.08 "Suspicion Song" Recap

The opening monologue for tonight’s Desperate Housewives included the words "but so many secrets led to a falling out" and as we move deeper and deeper into the season, we’re starting to see just how much this statement is true. The four ladies are, and have always been, about teamwork, something that has been falling to the wayside in the past few episodes.

Bree hears a noise in her house and calls 9-1-1 freaking out. Who should show up to investigate? None other than Chuck, who backhandedly starts to interrogates her about Gabrielle’s step-father on the night of the dinner party. When Bree defends herself, Chuck tells her she’s the victim in this situation. What makes him think that? Chuck answers with the obvious – someone is trying to rattle her, because they think she’d hiding something – or they want her to crack. He then tells her not to lose any sleep, because he’ll be keeping an eye on her. Creepy! Read More...


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