Pan Am Review: Grace Under Pressure

I don't know if "Unscheduled Departure" was the best title, because it was more of an unscheduled landing that got our Pan Am crew into hot water, but it was an interesting episode that showed the heart of all of our characters. It's always fun to dig into the regular characters and guest stars in a tense situation, just to see what they are made of.

Hurricane Ginny has nothing on Haitian society!

When sweet passenger Henry has a heart attack, the flight stops in Port-Au-Prince to try to find medical attention. The hurricane did a job on the runway, but it was guerrillas who were ripping the heart out of Haiti. Not much has changed. Ted and Colette paid off some locals for a jeep to get to a doctor, but all he could provide was one nitroglycerine pill.

Much to Ted's dismay, Colette has promised asylum to a local girl who's family was butchered. Ted has become the comic relief of the team. His rambling about what America should have done in Haiti and that pink flamingos bite was the perfect nervous response to their situation. One thing Michael Mosley has is the ability work a scene with any actor to perfection. Read More...


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