HOMELAND “The Weekend” Review

HOMELAND "The Weekend" Season 1 Episode 7 – I accidentally read the synopsis for this episode before I saw it. Brody and Carrie go away together for the weekend. My stomach sank. Was the showfinally going to go downhill, were the writers finally going to drop the ball after six excellent episodes of television?

It’s a concern that, within a few minutes, I was thankfully kicking to the curb. This was not just the best episode of Homeland. It’s the best episode of television I’ve seen since Breaking Bad went off the air. It’s a great episode of television, firing on all cylinders. There wasn’t a single bad scene. The white supremacist scene was goofy, but it was goofy in a way the show has more than earned, plus it’s always nice to see some jerk in a bar get a smack down.

There were a few great scenes, not in the least was Brody coming out to Carrie about everything, finally making her realize that she was completely and utterly wrong about him. Paralleling that, Saul was doing the heavy lifting Carrie failed to do. He has been carefully following the trail which let to Aileen which led to Tom Walker while Carrie was off gallivanting with Brody, so blindsided by her own desire to be right that she wilfully ignored the links in the chain. To her, the links didn’t matter. She figured they’d lead, one way or another, to Brody. But Saul did not let his ego get in the way and his methodical interrogation of Aileen was nothing short of masterful. Read More...



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Aug 21, 2012 6:49PM EDT

Yes Saul was the hero of the day in this one and it was great to see Carrie finally hit bottom and the show going in totally different direction. So it not your cookie cuter show .

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