THE GOOD WIFE “Here Comes Santa” Review

THE GOOD WIFE "Here Comes Santa" Season 3 Episode 8 – This episode was penned by series creators and showrunners Robert and Michelle King. Usually when they pen an episode, that episode is going to be an automatic contender for best of the seasons. Hopefully, that will not be the case with this episode.

The Good Wife has lasted for over two years without ever firing a gun or consummating the chemistry Kalinda has with a myriad of different characters. In this episode we sorta get both within ten minutes (it wasn’t so much of a consummation as it was a kiss) and it felt so insincere and false that it really brought me out of the show. If the show was going to fire a gun, I’d have hoped it would be a huge moment or at least a moment which would advance the story along. This one seemed so manufactured by the writers that you could see the gears and cogs working, which is never a good sign. Read More...


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