Boardwalk Empire Review: Abandon Ship?

What I love most about Boardwalk Empire is its ability to constantly thwart our expectations. The show not only maintains a consistent level of quality but also allows the story and the characters to grow. After last week's violent ending, I fully expected Nucky to react as he always has in the past, swiftly and cruelly. But, in "Two Boats and a Lifeguard" Nucky displays his most valuable quality - patience.

Seeming to heed Margaret's advice, Nucky eschews his greed and vengeance for an early retirement and safety. When speaking to the Commodore and Jimmy, he reminds them all of the brevity of existence and claims that he only wants to enjoy his life (and wealth) with the women he loves. Indeed, he has been embracing his family life, even asking the kids to call him dad. To most people, Nucky's retirement was a logical and necessary step. Read More...


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