Desperate Housewives Episode Recap: "Suspicion Song"

On this week's Desperate Housewives, Gaby must pick up the slack for Carlos at work so he doesn't lose a big client. Lynette draws up a scheme to win Tom back on their 22nd wedding anniversary. Susan is pressured by Andre to show her murder-inspired paintings to the public. And Bree continues to be harassed by Chuck in regards to his missing person investigation.

Things are supposed to be better now that the body is buried eight feet under dirt and concrete on Ben's property, but that's not the case for Carlos. He's still hitting the bottle to deal with his guilt and it's affecting his work life. Gaby tries to help by going into the office and signing off on the payroll while Carlos is hungover. However, she unknowingly makes things worse when Carlos' biggest client comes into the office unhappy and she has Jeffrey — Carlos' employee and a snake trying to poach his big clients — talk to the client. Before she knows the truth about him, she spills the beans to Jeffrey about Carlos' drinking problem and he tells her to stay at home to take care of...


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