HART OF DIXIE “The Crush and The Crossbow” Review

HART OF DIXIE "The Crush and The Crossbow" Episode 7 – The CW’s new series Hart of Dixiecontinued tonight with more drama than the comedy that we’ve come to love with "The Crush and The Crossbow". Frustrated from her lack of romance in Bluebell, Dr. Zoe Hart decides to take it upon herself to try to start an actual life in her new town. With her college roommate getting married, Zoe sets out to find at least one single man in Bluebell. As there’s really only one available, she doesn’t have to look far. In fact, Judson actually ends up strolling into her medical practice and asks Zoe out to dinner.

It turns out that our Zoe Hart is a little gun shy, which was a surprise! She ends up cancelling her date from good old fashioned stage fright. To complicate matters further it’s obvious to everyone in Bluebellthat Zoe has feelings for George who is most definitely not available. It also appears that Wade is having romantic issues of his own when his wife (soon to be ex) returns. After a tussle with her now fiance, George ends up getting shot in the leg with a crossbow, which shouldn’t have been funny… yet, it really was.

Lemon and Lavon draw closer through hosting the annual turtle race, much to Lemon’s chagrin. Lemon’s (Jaime King) moments on screen of complete displeasure were some of my favorite moments of Hart of Dixie to date. Jaime King does an amazing job as the spoiled Southern belle, and has the pretty Scarlet O’Hara pout down to a science. Read More...



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