TERRA NOVA “Proof” Review

TERRA NOVA "Proof" Season 1 Episode 8 – Terra Nova started up "Proof" by showing Jim and Taylorpartaking in Taylor’s favorite hobby: Fishing for incredibly fake looking dino fish!

It turns out this cutesy little scene was just a device to get these two away from the camp for a coupledays, as we see what the rest of the cast is up to. Josh is up to no good and making terrible decisions, Maddy is being a nosey little nerd, and Elisabeth and Zoe are doing absolutely nothing.

One of the major stories this week is a famous geologists returning to Terra Nova, which gets Maddy all excited because she’s a big fan of his. Before I get into the weird story line that took place here, I have to wonder how many of these random reappearances we’re going to get. We’ve been told before that the only time we’re going to get new people at Terra Nova is if they show up on a pilgrimage, but now this big geology expedition is returning and introduces a new character out of the blue. It’s only the eighth episode and we’re already throwing new characters into the mix, and there’s an eleventh pilgrimage coming up as well! Read More...



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