GOSSIP GIRL “The Big Sleep No More” Review

GOSSIP GIRL "The Big Sleep No More" Season 5 Episode 7 – With masks as this week’s Gossip Girl metaphor, no cliche is left behind in "The Big Sleep No More." Needless to say, this was an episode in which motives were revealed and secret identities were threatened, all against an amazing theatrical back-drop…so why was I so completely bored?

Honestly, when I heard that the show was going to use the wildly innovative theatre sensation Sleep No More to set the stage for Chuck’s masked charity event, I was thrilled at the wicked possibilities. Yet I walked away from the episode feeling that such an incredible opportunity was totally wasted.

Everything seemed to be about Diana and all of her endless scheming. I swear, does that woman even sleep? Most likely she just lies in bed at night with her iPhone, trying to come up with new ways to manipulate the people around her. I had some hope that she might have had more than one dimension when it seemed like she actually cared for Nate enough to get jealous over him, but at the end of the episode we learned that she’s just maneuvering him (as well as Serena) into position for some game that his grandfather is playing. Read More...



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