HOUSE “Parents” Review

HOUSE "Parents" Season 8 Episode 6 – Does anybody actually hire clowns for birthday parties anymore? Aren’t children universally frightened by clowns nowadays? I can honestly say I’ve never had a birthday party with a clown, never been to a birthday party with a clown, and I don’t even personally know anybody who’s had a birthday party with a clown. So for whatever reason, House begins "Parents" this week by showing us our patient-of-the-week performing at a birthday party and completely bombing.

After our teenage clown collapses at the party, he’s whisked off to Princeton-Plainsboro to have the bickering diagnosis team take a look at him. The title of the episode quickly came into play as Taub is fighting a custody battle for one of his daughters. This, of course, led into a heated debate between the members of the diagnostic about how much of a role parents have with screwing up their kids. I’m a bit bored with the personal and emotional problems of the patient mirroring that of the team, as it’s a device that’s been used on the show many times, but at least it was done well here. Read More...


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