Recap: 'The Amazing Race' - 'Super Shady'

Here I was terrified that Sunday (November 13) night's "The Amazing Race" would continue this season's every-other-Leg pattern and be a Non-Elimination Leg and while I was bracing for annoyance, a really excellent episode broke out.
There was travel intrigue, a solid Roadblock, two photogenic Detour options, a Double U-Turn that was actually used and... BUNNIES!!!!
Oh and best of all... A team went home. Huzzah, "The Amazing Race." Huzzah.
Full recap, devoid of much of my typical irritation, after the break...
We'd spent a rather long period of time in Malawi over the past two episodes, so it was good that Sunday's episode picked up almost immediately and sent the teams off to Copenhagen or, as Zac pronounced it... I have no idea what Zac thought he was reading.

There was a travel catch. The teams were told they'd been booked on a flight arriving in Denmark at 8:20 a.m. but that they were invited to try to find a faster route. When the clue tells you that, you're well-served trying to find a faster route. Unless you're not. How many times have we seen teams try the, "Well, I'll go to [Insert Hub X] and I'm sure there'll be more options there" only to arrive in [Insert Hub X] and discover that they were screwed. Read More...


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