Dexter Recap: Road Trip!

Even serial killers need to get away now and then, and last night’s episode proved to be a working vacation for Dexter. It was also a detour for the story line this season, in that Miami Metro didn’t get much closer to finding the Doomsday Killers, and for Travis and the Prof, who didn’t make much progress on their next bloody art installation. But when a road trip is that much fun, who cares about plot advancement? Instead, we’re treated to some deliciously bad Dexter behavior, the return of the other brother in his life, and a new twist in the Trinity Killer case.

As expected, Brian "Ice Truck Killer" Moser’s appearance last week foreshadowed his role as the devil on Dexter’s shoulder, poking and prodding him to do some wicked stuff, like ignoring speed limits and getting freaky at a rest stop. With the death of Brother Sam and the broken promise not to strangle the Bro’s killer, Dexter is a bit stressed. Luckily, Deb has a Trinity update — Arthur Mitchell’s wife and daughter were found dead in the sleepy Nebraska town where they were relocated. Dexter knows Trinity is history, of course, and we know John Lithgow probably won’t make a cameo this season. That leaves his son Jonah as the prime suspect and raises all sorts of questions about the parenting skills of serial murderers. In one of his many great lines last night, Brian makes sure Dexter keeps his priorities straight: "Road trip! Let’s go kill Jonah." Highlights from their journey include a brief stop for nachos, sex, and a handgun, followed by some high-speed target practice set to "Search & Destroy" by the Stooges. Read More...


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