Boardwalk Empire Recap: Thank You for Talking

"Success has many fathers, dear. Failure is an orphan." So says Gillian to her son at one point in this episode. A cliché, sure — but Jimmy, years at Princeton to the side, still needs his mom around to impart this kind of well-worn wisdom. When it comes to Boardwalk Empire’s script shop, though, the opposite may be true. Unlike last week’s mess of an episode, which featured three on-screen writing credits, this vastly superior hour comes from Terrence Winter’s desk alone. (Yes, yes: In TV there are often multiple writers who go un-credited in the main titles. But this statistic remains a useful rough guide.)

The show is still setting up all its arcs for the final run of season two episodes, but this transitional hour feels both graceful and surprising. In it, Angela gives Jimmy some real talk (and takes up with another woman); Nucky and Eli’s father passes (making the latter slightly less fratricidal-seeming); Nucky resigns (for the moment), driven by some complex blend of world-weariness and lie-in-wait strategy; Agent Van Alden makes a break with unrelenting public-facing propriety (when letting a subordinate see him take a free lunch); plus Mickey pushes his annoying shtick just one beat too hard (and … unless he’s got a stronger than average rib cage, takes his laugh into the great beyond. Or will we see him recuperating next week? Put predictions or IMDb spoilers in the comments. Wait, don’t do the latter). Read More...


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