The Good Wife Recap: Magic Sex Dust

So here we are again. Last season, The Good Wife visited death row with "Nine Hours," perhaps the most moving episode of the entire series. This season the show explores pure evil (and gang warfare, and Kalinda’s ever-sexually-charged relationship with everyone she ever comes in contact with) within a similar limited time frame. It was, shall we say, less than moving. Actually, it was decidedly eh, and a bit of a mess.

Said death row inmate is Ricky Packer, who picked up two 14-year-old girls from a shopping mall, raped them over three days, and then slit their throats. He’s irredeemable, despite lying testimony from his preacher and family and the best efforts of our friends from Legal Aid. The Legal Aid guys are in charge of Packer’s appeal and weirdly greet Diane as if they haven’t been working in the LG offices for the past five episodes. Or have they? What’s up with that? Packer is going to be executed shortly, so he’s told a crusading documentarian, a Frenchman, as are all crusading documentarians, about a dead body the police have been overlooking. The crime-fighting duo of Cary and Dana — dropping by from their other job on Bones or wherever these Noir-ish scenes are getting lifted from — find the gang member’s body next to that of a rich lady who’s been missing for six months. The SA has found a 14-year-old from a rival gang who’s confessing to the dead gang member’s murder. Lockhart Gardner is obviously representing the prime suspect in the lady’s murder, her boyfriend, since there seem to be no more cases in The Good Wife universe in which the law firm is not in direct opposition to the State’s Attorney’s office. Read More...


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