The Walking Dead Recap: Sophia’s Choice

Well, the good news is that this episode wasn’t devoted to Rick helping Carl adjust his sheriff’s hat so it fit more snugly upon Carl’s sweaty, sweaty brow, as Rick warned he would do in last week’s episode. The bad news is that Sophia is still missing.

We begin with a flashback of a row of unmoving cars stretched out on a highway. Because that’s an image we haven’t seen this season yet. Except instead of our dopey crew, there are a bunch of extras there, too, fresh off the set of Lost, just shooting the breeze and going off by themselves to pee in the dark.  Carl and that little girl are playing checkers. Carl’s hungry and Carol tries to offer up one of Ed’s MREs, but he stops her. "Sorry, I guess we forgot to pack them," Carol tells Lori. "It’s all right," says Lori, because that sounds like a perfectly fine excuse to her since apparently she and Shane did actually forget to bring food with them. I guess it just wasn’t a priority. Who can remember to eat when you’re so busy striding off purposefully to "see what you can see"? Read More...


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Mar 3, 2013 12:58PM EST

Oh well Glen now you know u are in a real Horror story You must be punished for having sex .

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