Recap: 'Terra Nova' - 'Proof'

A few weeks ago, I wrote that "Terra Nova" took place in the least interesting time possible in the show’s timeline. Tonight’s episode "Proof" reinforced that. No, tonight’s episode wasn’t about a genius female mathematician who may or may not have inherited her father’s capacity for both equations and madness. It was about a whole lot of separate plot strands unspooling at once, but only one really registered as something potentially interesting. More than over, I wish this show had been "Cast Away with Dinosaurs," set in the time when Taylor had to fend for himself as the sole member of the first pilgrimage. Too arty for television? More than likely. But it sure would have been a compelling ratings disaster all the same.

 All along, "Terra Nova" has purported to be primarily a family drama. However, that’s difficult when the members of the Shannon family barely interact. If nothing else, "Proof" sought to fix that problem by pairing up two Shannons for a significant amount of time. However, the pair they picked for this inaugural experiment? Maddy and Zoe, forged together into a prehistoric Sherlock Holmes/John Watson in order to uncover The Mystery of the Oddly Acting Scientist. When Maddy’s hero arrives back from a six-month expedition, she’s beyond elated. But his curious behavior leads her to question his identity from the outset. Her mother Elisabeth is having none of her queries, so she pairs up with Zoe in order to solve the case. Most of Zoe’s contributions to the investigation consist of, "Maybe he’s a vampire!" But Ken Horton doesn’t sparkle in the rotten apple fields, so we the audience know that’s not the answer. Too bad, because if he HAD been a vampire, then this plot might have held some interest. Read More...


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