2 Broke Girls 1.09 "And the Really Petty Cash" Review

2 Broke Girls pukes up its latest delight "And the Really Petty Cash" from its freshman season, which sees Max (Kat Dennings) dancing around her relationship with Johnny (Nick Zano) as his girlfriend Cashandra (Marsha Thomasan) hires the waitresses to serve cupcakes at her event. "And the Really Petty Cash" feels like an episode that didn't quite bake long enough, its ideas never quite rising the way they're set up.

Last week I made the unusual decision to compare 2 Broke Girls to Shakespeare in its uneven, if heartwarming initial courtships between Max and Johnny, and I feel that decision may have come back to bite me.  What goes up, must come down, and I suspect good reason behind the fact that while last week Kat Dennings herself tweeted her excitement for "And Hoarder Culture,"  no such buzz surrounded "And the Really Petty Cash."  Without realizing it, I kept scribbling "took a (adjective) turn" in my notes, by the end realizing "Really Petty Cash" had spun itself about, ending up messier than the cupcakes Max and Caroline drunkenly spread all over one another (and no, that’s not as appealing as it sounds.) Read More...



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