Two and a Half Men 9.09 "Frodo's Headshots" Recap

It's 28 days after being checked into the mental hospital and Alan is going home, but not before roommate Gary Busey gives him a hug and says "I love you."

Jake picks up Alan and drops the first bomb: Megan is pregnant. She's not showing, because she's in her first semester. Jake was drunk, and that's why all the talks about protection proved to be futile. It's okay, because Alan now has the tools to live life on life's terms. He can get through this, even if Jake's plan is to quit school, go into advertising, and teach the baby to talk so it can be in E-Trade commercials.

Walden welcomes Alan home in a whispery voice: it's how normal people talk to crazy people. Jake tells Walden that he's going to be a dad, and Walden refers to Alan as "grandpa." Walden can't decide if it's Jake or Alan that should have used a condom. If the baby is a boy, Jake reveals that they're going to name it Frodo. Better get the little guy a ring.

Berta welcomes Alan back from the looney bin ("stress clinic") and asks Walden if he's going to tell Alan his news. He says it can wait.

Sorting through his mail from the past month, Alan comes across his tax refund and Jake wants to set some aside for Frodo's headshots. Turns out it's not a refund, and the second bomb is dropped by the tax collectors: Alan is getting audited. Read More...


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