House Review: Control Over Damage

I tried.  I really tried to like "Parents."  More than that, I wanted to.  This episode was full of potential.  I've been waiting and wanting the series to go back and discuss House and his parents for years.  The episode "Birthmarks" from season 5 was one of the last times the show delved deeply into House's past and after that there were mentions, but an episode based around a boy's relationship with his father seemed like a perfect opportunity for the series to dive into some ripe material.  Instead, it stayed on the surface and focused more on House's ankle monitor, Taub's Sophie's, and Dr. Adams' past. 

Lest we forget the patient of the week, namely Ben, who is trying to connect to his biological father via his affinity for clowns and making children laugh.  Aren't we past the clown era?  I can't even look at clowns these days without getting creeped out; kids are too savvy in 2011 to buy into a face-painted weirdo.  But the teaser showed just that; kids were bored and didn't care.  At least the episode accurately portrayed the kids' reactions. Read More...


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