'How I Met Your Mother' recap: Misgivings and Mr. Right

What are your thoughts on comedy that makes you cry? Good thing? Bad thing? Thing you'd like to avoid but will happily take part in when necessary?

I fully expect your opinion to directly correspond with your opinion of last night's How I Met Your Mother, which left your recapper (and your recapper's AIM chat buddy) in an ugly, gasping cry by the end of the episode. And for the record, I love it when I can laugh and cry in the same half hour, which is exactly what I did during an episode that found Barney and Robin dealing with the repercussions of their night together.

Yup, night together. The show didn't bother wasting several episodes navigating the path from passionate, in-the-moment kiss to hook-up. No, they sprinted from one to the other. As I told you yesterday when I brought you a first look at the episode (you're welcome), I didn't expect that. But I was definitely okay with the fast track. After all, it made for such great drama. Read More...



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