'Two and a Half Men' recap: Dreams of the Damned

Attaboy, Clarence. Last night's Two and a Half Men took us on a whirlwind trip through Alan's lucid loony bin dreams, giving us a peek at what life could be like if Alan took a few wrong turns. It was kind of like It's A Wonderful Life, but it proved the exact opposite point -- Malibu pad aside, Alan's life is pretty terrible. That's the primary focus of this season now, right? They're just going to kick the guy until he finally stays down.

If you recall, last week Alan had an epic life-altering meltdown. He mentally and sartorially morphed into his dead brother Charlie, ultimately resulting in a stay at the local loony bin, or as he called it, the stress clinic. We left him there, smoking a cigar on his cot. "Winning!" Read More...



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