'Dancing With the Stars' recap: Taste the Rainbow

It's semifinals week on season 13 of Dancing With the Stars -- and I got to witness the insanity liiiiiiiiiiiiive on Planet Mirrorballus! Perhaps you spotted me -- I was the tall Big Bird-like creature behind Ralph Macchio, doing her best to not reveal that she hates the way she looks while clapping due to her giant man-hands! (There are a few intimidating crowd-boosters who strongly encourage you to stand up and clap at all times. I got texts or emails from five different people last night saying something along the lines of "haha you LOVE clapping don't you?!?!?!?!" -- so I guess my wing-flapping wasn't very convincing.)

The new, three-story set is not as TRON-like as it appears on TV. On TV, and even in the few pictures I took, the blue piping dominates the balconies. But in person, the decorative gold layers are just as prominent. I did get to travel up to the nosebleed section. The view is actually amazing from there (it's what you see at the top of every episode), and I realized during the show that obviously no one sits in the seats, which are hilariously set back against a wall next to a ladder. This would be a good set for Sparkalien Horror Story, which should probably air right after Bruno's Worldmidseason. The people up there literally drip from the balconies during the show, and they scream a lot -- often at Carson Kressley. But on the ground floor, the set honestly didn't seem that much different from the last time I was there in May. It didn't feel claustrophobic with all the new hardware. It looked great! Read More...



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