How I Met Your Mother Recap: Time After Time

Every now and then, HIMYM goes dark, veering into emotional territory that dramatically richer shows expertly navigate, but that this humble sitcom finds its way around pretty damn well. Last night’s episode featured its fair share of "That would never happen" moments, but we left it thinking, Wow, this has been a really solid season so far. Except for the rose petals and the candles — that’s far too corny for Barney, and especially for Robin, who would never be able to keep a straight face in the presence of romance rendered so tritely.

Paraphrasing Einstein, Future Ted exposited: "Time moves at different speeds." Barney and Robin’s actual tryst passed in a blur, but their guilt over cheating on their partners caused the seconds to tick by. Barney began by being too blithe about his indiscretion; Robin looked rattled by comparison. Is it nitpicky to wonder why Robin isn’t doubly bothered by the fact that she slept with with her friend’s boyfriend? The closest these two ever were was Valentine’s Day 2010 and, in fact, the notion that Robin and Nora are actual friends was abandoned almost immediately. At least she piped up about their double date on the booze cruise, even if "the three-hour boat ride" tucked a little too neatly into a Gilligan joke. Suspense established: For the first time in a while, we genuinely didn’t know where all this was heading. Read More...


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