Recap: 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' - 'Tempest in a Tea Party'

This week promises to be a humdinger (at least that's what the promos have promised), as it looks like Taylor and Lisa are going to duke it out. I'm already inclined to think that Lisa will be the one to come out the winner, as she has that British reserve and tends not to get flustered about anything, and Taylor may be insane and in need of basic, life-sustaining nutrients. Still, no matter what happens, it should be interesting. Let's just hope Giggy doesn't get thrown into the middle of it. I think that little puffball might have a dark side.

We start out where we left off last week, with Kim trying to lure Kyle into her boyfriend Ken's drug lair, I mean house, to make introductions. Beto, his "helper," is also in the room for no particular reason. Maybe Ken was thinking of taking Kyle out if the meeting went horribly astray, which it does pretty much immediately. Kyle notices that Ken has a wedding band, and points this out with such a tone of revulsion I'm almost thinking she might throw up on Ken's pool table. Ken, unfazed, says it's just a promise ring given to him by Kim. Kyle leaves the room to cry. Kim hates to see Kyle cry, so she cries. Everyone cries except Ken, who thinks everything went well, and Bento, who is disappointed that he doesn't get to kill the pretty dark-haired lady and bury her in the Angeles Forrest. In case you didn't figure it out from Kyle hysterically sobbing in the next room, Kyle does not like Ken, as Kim's kids have told her he's controlling (so, um, this big "surprise" was not a surprise at all, I take it?). She thinks Kim can do better. She thinks Kim is lonely. I think Kyle thinks too much. Leave Kim alone, Kyle! She's already moved her stuff! Or should I say "pieces." Kim had to comment on her many "pieces" and how the movers were overwhelmed by said "pieces." Does she mean furniture? Crates of prescription drugs? What? Read More...


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