DEATH VALLEY “Partners” Review

DEATH VALLEY "Partners" Season 1 Episode 11 – I spent the first five minutes of "Partners," the penultimate episode of Death Valley, convinced that the show had done something ballsy and radical by killing off main character John-John. But it was all a clever ruse; he was seriously injured by last week’s zombie bomb, and he lost a lot of memories including Carla’s promise to sleep with him, but he’s still alive. For now.

At the funeral for the two nameless cops who were killed last week, Dashell is approached by the vampire Santos, Rico’s father, who claims to be on a mission of peace. If Dashell will attend Rico’s funeral and pay his respects as Santos did to the fallen officers, the vamps are ready to sit down with the cops and end the war over the Valley.

I think if Dashell was a better cop, like Stubeck, he would see that this is just a trap of some sort, an attempt to lure the UTF into a false sense of security before a major attack, but he’s like a child playing grown-up and so he agrees. Read More...


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