NEW GIRL “Thanksgiving” Review

NEW GIRL "Thanksgiving" Season 1 Episode 6 – I’ve been pretty down on New Girl for a while now. The humor did not tickle me and I was beginning to see the limitations of the show. Watching this episode, it was like watching a whole new show. The writing was smart, crisp, funny. I actually laughed a bunch of times throughout. The plot centered around Jess inviting Paul, a teacher at her school (played by Justin Long) over to the apartment for a traditional Thanksgiving meal – or at least, moretraditional than the football chip and beer gorging fest the guys had intended. What ensues is a fiasco of the funniest order: after defrosting the turkey with he own body fails, Jess opts to shove the turkey in the dryer. The episode culminates in the gang semi-breaking into a next door neighbour’s apartmentonly for Paul, whose own grandmother recently passed away, to find her dead on her toilet. Read More...


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