GLEE “Mash-Off” Review

"Mash-Off" Season 3 Episode 6 – Whenever I think Glee can’t get any more dramatical (and yes, that is a word), they come up with an episode like "Mash-Off." I suppose an argument could be made forthese shenanigans being no more or less ridiculous than the usual fare, so maybe I’m just getting tired of it already. I miss the days when Glee was charming, not grating; funny, not insulting. Sadly, it seems like that ship has sailed.

First of all, was anyone surprised that Rachel dropped out of the class president race, which is inexplicably being held halfway through their senior year? What was she doing in the race in the first place? Glad that mini-drama is over; now she and Kurt can have a sleepover and dish about losing their virginity in the same montage.

Shelby and Mr. Shue team up to try to establish peace between their rival glee clubs by making them compete against each other for the honor of best mash-up. Does that make any sense to anyone, even by Glee-land standards? It’s also kind of sad that Shelby’s team kicks New Directions to the curb; I might start rooting for them if I could stand Mercedes even a little bit these days.

Speaking of Shelby, Puck is hot for teacher, so much so that he decides to tell her all about Quinn’s efforts to get Beth back. After giving her a dressing-down, Shelby informs Quinn that she’s no longer welcome in Beth’s life. It’s probably not a good idea to make a desperate teenager even more desperate, especially when one is on the edge of having an affair with a student who is not known for his discretion. Read More....


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