NCIS “Engaged (Part II)” Review

NCIS "Engaged (Part II)" Season 9 Episode 9 – Man, this show is really on track so far this season. I find it a really good sign that there have been so many good episodes up to this point that I’m having a hard time figuring out which ones are my favorites.

For instance in this one we had Gibbs on a mission to save a missing Marine, not only a Marine but a girl that, in a way, reminds him of another young Marine he knew a long time ago. Obviously a part of him is going after this mission because of her memory, but even without that I’m sure he would’ve been just as vicious about it. After all, the people who took her were the kind of people who had no problem with harming children. Want to know a quick way to get the top of Gibbs’ shit list? That’s it right there,my friend. Which is why I enjoyed him getting the chance to dole out a little justice to each of those people. Read More...


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