'New Girl' creator Liz Merriwether on Justin Long's adorkable debut


"New Girl's" first holiday episode, "Thanksgiving" -- which star Hannah Simone promises will give us something "that has never happened in any other sitcom Thanksgiving episode ever" -- premieres tonight (Nov. 15). The episode also marks the debut of Justin Long, who plays a new love interest for Zooey Deschanel's Jess.Creator Liz Merriwether recently spoke to reporters about FOX's hit new comedy, and she revealed that Long's music teacher character, Paul Gunslinger, and Jess are incredibly alike. "Whatever the male form of 'adorkable' is -- I don't know. As soon as he walks in the door Jake Johnson's character, Nick, says,'Oh my God there's two of them,' which I think sort of describes his character."To give you an example of how that similarity will manifest itself, while Jess carries around a feeling stick, Paul carries around a kazoo. "That's one detail that I am particularly proud of," Merriwether says. "I had to fight for the...



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