'Glee' recap: Mash-ups are fine, but let's talk Santana & that slap


Well, I went into "Glee" thinking the hardest thing about recapping "Mash Off" would be trying to find words to describe how impeccable and wonderful the Adele cover was. But then Santana happened.I always get a kick out of Santana in the same way we all loved early Sue Sylvester so much -- mean, but quippy and hilarious. But her going off on Finn about being fat (when did that become a thing?) was way harsh, Tai, and I was actually appalled. Then Finn called her out about being in the closet in the freaking high school hallway and the entire dynamic shifted.WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT IN PUBLIC, FINN?After how much more sensitive Finn has become about gay issues and bullying since becoming Kurt's stepbrother you'd think it would've been out of character for him to confront Santana like that, but the more I think about it, the more it seems like a natural...



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