Glee Promo: Learn Who Won the Student Election in Episode 3.07

In this week's episode of Glee, the race for the congressional seat heated up.  Sue took cheap shots at her competitor - Burt Hummel - and made up rumors that he had received a baboon heart as a transplant.  Meanwhile, Will and Shelby decided to organize the first annual McKinley High mash-off.  They challenged their two rival glee clubs to a friendly competition of mash-ups, but the students didn't think the challenge was all that friendly.

Puck continued to pursue Shelby, insisting that he was in love with her.  Shelby continued to resist his advances, saying he just had a crush.  Puck confessed to Shelby about Quinn's plan to call child protective services and get Beth back.  Quinn tried to get closer to Shelby and asked to join the Troubletones, but Shelby later confronted her and told her to stay away from Beth. Read More...


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