'Ringer' Recap: Sorry, Charlie

'Ringer' Recap: Sorry, Charlie

On this week's episode of Ringer, Siobhan and Malcolm begin to learn what Charlie's secrets are. Andrew and Olivia have a business disagreement due to the fact that Olivia is mad that Andrews is becoming a better person. Stay classy Olivia.

So Happy Together Andrew and Bridget are busy sucking face when Andrew decides that it is time for them to take a romantic vacation to a tropical location. Bridget thinks that a suitable destination would be Ft. Lauderdale. This marks the first time ever someone has thought that Ft. Lauderdale would make a great vacation spot. Andrew also brings back Siobhan's dress which Juliet ruined. Bridget goes to put it in the closet but instead retrieves her gun. We finally figure out how Bridget was able to strong arm her way out of police custody.

The officer watching her tells her to flee and gives her the gun. That huge plot hole is finally solved and I can once again sleep for a full night without being haunted by terrible writing. Thank you, Ringer. She calls Charlie to help her make the gun disappear, which he gladly says he'll do.  Read More...



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