One Piece, Season 10 Episode 424 Review: Break Through the Crimson Hell!

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Back when I first started watching One Piece, I have to say I really detested Captain Buggy since he was one of the earliest villains of the series. In a lot of ways it showcased to me why I was not going to like One Piece because the design, the wacky personality and the over top nature of the ability really just didn't click well with me. Now some four hundred episodes later, he's back in the game and teamed up with Luffy as they run through the Impel Down prison.

And I couldn't be happier. Perhaps it's the passage of time and seeing the first hundred episodes of the series which helped me get into the rhythm of the show. As a team-up, the two are a very solid comedy duo here with Luffy amusingly enough playing the straight man. When the two expectedly ran into each other in the previous episode, it could have gone any number of ways. That they team up to fight off the Blugori wasn't a surprise but that they did it so effectively was hilarious. They almost seem to thrive off of each other in the fight, though Luffy outclasses Buggy at least by the way he takes out four of them so quickly for the one that Buggy gets.

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