Ringer Review: One Twist Too Many

Despite it's continued twists and turns, Ringer is starting to bore me a bit. I'm afraid it's getting bogged down in it's own convoluted plot. Yet I'll admit, "Shut Up and Eat Your Bologna" still had some twists I didn't see coming. 

Gemma's alive!  I've been wondering how they were going to play this. I like Gemma and was hoping they'd bring her back so I'm not disappointed but there was a lot of blood at that crime scene. How did she survive her attack with no medical attention, being held in a basement, and fed a diet of bologna. Despite being gagged and bound to a chair she still seems pretty spunky.

Jimmy works for Siobhan?  Seriously, this is the one I find hardest to believe. Siobhan paid off the FBI agent protecting her sister in order to get her to run. Why would Siobhan have this kind of reach? What's her overall plan and how many people are involved in this conspiracy?  It's all become so complex it's a little hard to make sense of.  Read More...



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