'Ringer' recap: In Treatment

The bitch is back, Ringer viewers! Yes, I mean me…and not Gemma who also returned this week. So I had a little DVR meltdown last week and couldn’t recap but I apologize. Frankly, I think it was all conspiracy hatched by Siobhan in Paris. Clearly, she though someone was getting a little too snarky about a certain CW show. Well ha ha Siobhan! I unplugged my DVR and then replugged it back in. I’m too smart for you!

Bridget and Andrew are getting along grandly. In fact, he wants to take her on a vacation. Bridget, showing her white trash roots, suggested Ft. Lauderdale. Oh Bridge, you’re showing your stripper roots. Then Andrew suggested Turks & Caicos, which she had never heard of. Clearly, Bridget never watchedWild on E! or Taradise.

So Bridget decides she needs to get rid of that cop gun that she’s been hiding in her closet for like 9 episodes. This girl spends more time in the closet than Carrie Bradshaw. After finding the gun, she calls cute NA sponsor Charlie to discuss how to get rid of a firearm. Charlie answers via a Bluetooth which I gotta say drops down his sexy factor by like 50%. Also, not sexy? Keeping abrasive redheads in your basement. Yep, Charlie is holding Gemma hostage in his cellar. And he’s feeding her bologna! It’s like Silence of the Lambs but with deli meat. Poor Gemma. She’s gonna be one of the few people who emerge from captivity and actually GAIN weight. We also learn via flashback that the agent who originally told Machado that Bridget knocked him out and stole his gun actually let her go. He also snuck his gun into Bridget’s bag. Interesting development! Read More...



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