Ringer Episode 9 Review: A Night of Revelations

Now that's how you do a solid episode of Ringer!  As much as I've enjoyed this show (and I have), I have been anxious for something to happen.  This week's episode of Ringer moved ahead several plotlines and didn't leave many of them dangling any longer.  In addition, the show shared with us a few (somewhat) surprising revelations:

Bridget is falling for Andrew. Well, this one didn't come as much of a surprise, since it was bound to happen.  Bridget had essentially taken over her sister's life, which, of course, included her sister's marriage.  Frankly, I'm shocked it's taken them this long to start getting affectionate with each other, especially since Andrew isn't supposed to know his wife isn't really his wife.  Bridget now has a strong tie to the city, besides just "doing right for her sister's family".  There is now a man that she's genuinely falling for.  Imagine how he'll react if he finds out the truth.  That will not be a pretty scene.

Olivia is a sneaky bitch, but now she has leverage.  Andrew's business partner, Olivia, spent most of the episode trying to convince him that they should secure Gemma's father's assets.  Their investment firm is still in trouble and they definitely need Aborgast's capital to keep it going.  But Andrew was hesitant to approach the old man.  He's very upset about the disappearance of his daughter and is also ill.  Olivia wanted Andrew to use his personal connection to Henry to contact the man, but Andrew continuously refused.  Later, Olivia went to visit Henry to get him to sign some documents and was about to lift the old man's phone number.  Instead, she found a rather incriminating photo of Siobhan and Henry on Henry's phone.  Now Olivia, who has clearly hated Siobhan since day 1, seems to have some leverage on the woman.  Will she show the photo to Andrew? Read More...



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