UNFORGETTABLE “Golden Bird” Review

UNFORGETTABLE "Golden Bird" Season 1 Episode 9 – Am I just getting tired of not enjoyingUnforgettable, or did I really, actually get into this week’s episode, "Gold Bird"? At the very least, I found it a step in the right direction, proof that the show can be better, which is what I think I’ve said all along.

When a teenage girl takes a swan dive off her apartment building, Carrie and the team have to figure out why such a good girl was stealing money, calling Planned Parenthood and eventually ended up murdered. It seems obvious, but it’s actually not; the fact that the victim was such a good girl led her to idolize another girl in her class, a golden bird, who was pregnant by the dean of students. In trying to help her friend, the girl wound up being killed by the dean in order to protect his secret.

I don’t know why, but something touched me about this case. It felt like an episode of SVU or Cold Case, which are two of my favorite procedurals. Yes, the incredible memory stuff was still there, but there was some actual police work as well. This is the direction the show should try to take in thefuture if it wants to survive to a second season. Read More...



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